Jail Job Eve - Bird Of Passage (CD) (5871724069017)

Jail Job Eve - Bird Of Passage (CD)


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Anyone who experiences "Jail Job Eve" live sees and hears a force of nature, stormy and passionate, with a sound that powerfully steps in front of the cardboard. The five Osnabrück musicians play rocking power numbers and picturesque blues pieces full of exciting sounds and stories. In their two-hour show, Victoria Semel (vocals), Benedikt Schlereth (guitar), Jens Niemann (keyboards), Laurenz Gust (bass) and Josef Röhner (drums) set off real fireworks.
"Bird Of Passage" is the name of the energetic debut work by the Osnabrück blues rock band. The seven self-confident songs convince with a rich, organic sound, inspired by the dynamics and complexity of the 70s.

01 Showtime02 Cut You Loose
03 Lonely Death
04 Bird of Passage
05 House of Cards
06 My Baby
07 Diabolus in Musica