James Ocean - Paint Your Perfect Day (CD) (5871701098649)

James Ocean - Paint Your Perfect Day (CD)


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In the songs of newcomer solo artist James Ocean, all the crushing ballast of life dissolves and escapes from every pore on sheet music in a pleasantly painful way. Because what you would otherwise not dare to say can be expressed much better in song lyrics. Melancholy and confidence merge, music becomes the best friend and worst enemy at the same time. Because the alternative rock of his songs also gives incredible power in its own way. And so, with the album "Paint Your Perfect Day", James Ocean has conjured up a unique composition for his listeners and himself to cleanse the soul in all situations.
Every sound hits the absolute middle between powerful hot-bloodedness and ice-cold disillusionment. You want to burst with grief and at the same time scream with audacity, "No matter what happens, I'll keep going!" James Ocean represents all the breadth and tolerance that music brings or should bring with it. A world of emotions that unconditionally devotes itself to every chord.
You can identify with the music so well because it shows the normality and at the same time the uniqueness of every life story: closing with a love that cannot be closed, loss of self-confidence, despair. But music is like blood running through your veins to keep you alive. And this conviction is reflected in every second.

01 Come down
02 We Are Alive
03 Tell Me Why
04 Do The Best
05 Lonely Day
06 Dreams We'll Never Share
07 Say goodbye
08 video games
09 wild horses
10 Just A Minute Away
11 Budapest