Jan Felix Band - Sunflower (CD) (5871793471641)

Jan Felix Band - Sunflower (CD)


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Rock, bounce, dance, cry and smile with the Jan Felix Band's debut album. The Jan Felix Band (founded in 2018) combines bursting rock riffs, glittering glam funk and melancholically swinging tone wood on their debut. The seven boys and girls fire off a lot of energy and emotions and make amplifiers, vintage synthesizers and organs glow. The music refers to both retro rock and soul as well as modern pop trends. There is also a touch of RnB and rich hip-hop beats. JFB activate Brain and Booty and dare to do something stylistically. It's good, however, that you always find your way home and to yourself musically from excessive solos, colorful choirs and sparkling funk. Sound is more important than genre here.
With a massive and rousing heartbeat of this band, frontman Jan Felix leads us listeners warmly and safely through the biographical, emotional events of seven young musicians, who sing and play how they see, perceive and feel the world of 2019.

1. Don't wanna die now
2. Florence
3. Hotel room
5. Between the blankets and the sheets
6. Man of your dreams
7. Follow your heart
8. When I was 18
9. Little moments of peace
10. Emptiness
11. The true conception of rain
12. Wild winds