Jan Paul Werge - Private Rooms - Ein Raum für mich (CD) (5964927238297)

Jan Paul Werge - Private Rooms - A room for me (CD)


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The music for Private Rooms - Ein Raum für mich was created live during rehearsals, in joint improvisations with the dancers of the dance company of the Volkstheater Rostock and the choreographer Johannes Härtl. The original drafts can still be heard in the finished soundtrack. All titles were specially composed, arranged and mixed for the stage and for the dancers or choreographies. The interaction of dance, choreographies and music creates a unique closeness in this piece. The audience experiences a very personal side of the dancers and is drawn into a very special, private atmosphere. Jan Paul Werge's music enables an intensive and at the same time deep insight. Even the dancers seemed to get to know each other on a whole new, personal level. Intimate, close and extremely pleasant.

01 L'en Trance
02 invasion
03 Sleeping Elephant
04 Theresa Song
05 schizophrenic
06 The Inner Circle
07 Battle Time
08 Dancing In The Rain