Jan Schröder - Ein Tag für einen Tag (CD) (5871777743001)

Jan Schröder - A day for a day (CD)


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With his second long player "One day for one day" Jan Schröder shows solid consistency and at the same time a new musical face. Deep feelings alongside the desire to examine life. Musically, the small weaknesses of people, the strength and desperation, the desires and the laughter to show - without drifting into platitudes or embarrassment.
Its lyrical quality clearly consists of taking a look at the life of each individual and also describing that one somehow finds oneself in each song, sympathizes, laughs or even suffers. And all of this is embedded in timeless German pop music. This is how the "Hamburger Jung" Jan Schröder effortlessly manages the tightrope walk between "easy listening" and gripping depth, without once appearing trivial.
In short: With "One Day for One Day" a fantastic album has emerged. A range of songs full of energy, warmth, self-mockery and melancholy. Thirteen wonderful titles about lust, life, desperation and of course love. In one sentence: music for ears with brains.

01. Say yes again
02. A day for a day
03. Still (Hold on to Us)
04. Land of my fathers
05. Smartass
06. Where the wind blows me
07. Indians
08. Smile
09. I sing
10. I christen the day
11th way here
12. Around the world
13. I'm not giving up