Jan.Solo - Lichterkette (Eine Wilde Hilde Sammlung) (CD) (5871778431129)

Jan.Solo - Chain of Lights (A Wild Hilde Collection) (CD)


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Lichterkette is Jan.Solo's first EP. Inspired by his little daughter, the four tracks "Blau", "Götterfunken", "Ein Moment" and "Wunderbar" tell stories about recognizing small things as something very special. Of not losing hope in these wild and turbulent times that we can learn, grow and take the chance to do everything right for once.
At a time when hate speech, homophobia, sexism and anti-Semitism have found their way into the music world, the chain of lights represents an alternative. Each individual track stands for a tiny, warm light, from which the chain of lights results. Music influenced by the overwhelming feeling of being a father, about the possibility of taking responsibility and looking forward to the future with a smile, no matter how bleak it may be. The lyrics of the fairy lights are manuscripts of short glimpses of happiness that were born from the idea that longing can give you wings and dreamers can be fantasists. Music that is poetic, warm, powerful and at the same time fragile and, above all, confident.

1. Blue
2. God spark
3. A moment
4. Wonderful feat. Noella
5. Wonderful (Instrumental)
6. A Moment (Instrumental)
7. Götterfunken (Instrumental)
8. Blue (Instrumental)