Jeff - Didn’t you hear (CD)

Jeff - Didn't You Hear (CD)


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Musically, the new album by the three Saarlanders moves in the same waters as its predecessor, but you can tell right away that the guys have matured a bit. With their mixture of grunge and modern hard rock, JEFF know how to combine quiet, calm tones with loud, hard ones in the finest way, so that each song has its own dramaturgy. The whole thing comes in their very own sound, which can't be compared to anything else. Produced in the best quality in the Redhell ​​Studio, JEFF needs neither orchestral nor other keyboard samples nor any other additional frills to sound really fat and to keep this "sound promise" live!
As with “Don't tell me it's raining”, singer and songwriter Jörg lyrically processes many experiences from his own life and the resulting emotions. On "Didn't You Hear" he succeeds even better in embedding these personal experiences either in stories or with the observations that have accumulated over the years in a social structure and via the media. It's often melancholy, a little ironic, rarely political and sometimes just made up!
JEFF is still writing from the gut!

01 Secret Of The Day
02 Right On Cue
03 Got A Feeling
04 No time
05 Purgatory
06 Desperados Waiting For A Train
07 Crossing The Bridge
08 hey