Jennifer Rast - Frei (CD)

Jennifer Rast - Free (CD)


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"Standing still is not my thing."
Simple words that say a lot.
The Delitzscher pop singer reinvents herself every day, tries things out and wants to present herself to her audience again as soon as possible.
“As in normal life, there must be no boredom. I want to inspire and not only express my feelings with the music, but also always give a piece of myself. I like working with producers who can put themselves in my shoes, who understand and accept what I want from a song. I'm glad to have Conny Conrad from Baden Würtemberg at my side on this project.” Jennifer Rast's management brought her together with the successful producer Conny Conrad. In several conversations, the idea was born to design one or the other song in such a way that the different facets in her voice are brought out, for example to become a bit more rocking. The result of this cooperation is convincing.
After the successful release of the song "Endlich was Neues" the release of the album is now over.
Vocally absolutely convincing with catchy rhythms, success is inevitable.

01 Finally something new
02 Our night
03 Star Dancer
04 images
05 highway no. 1
06 Adventure
07 Just kid again
08 Back to Me