Jens Hausmann -  Precious Moments  (CD) (5871716466841)

Jens Hausmann - Precious Moments (CD)


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The debut album is a long time ago and in a way belongs to another generation. At that time things went in a completely different direction with their own singer/songwriter material. Since then some releases on samplers have followed. Producing new CDs on a regular basis was not a priority for a long time, because for Jens Hausmann, music thrives on fleeting moments that are difficult to capture in their spontaneity. This guitar music should arise from the moment as far as the "feeling" is concerned, as well as the high proportion of variation and improvisation.
The impetus for the current production came from a schoolgirl who said: "With all the many CDs that are here and have brought happy moments, it's about time to give a few back, right?" Good point! So get to work, because of course a consistent snapshot has its value, be it as a documentary or to reach more listeners in a very practical way. The sixteen instrumental guitar compositions are captured very puristically with two microphones in the vaulted cellar of the parish hall of the Martin Luther Church in Detmold, without overdubs. In the end, the most precious moments can be picked out from a distance and the result remains representative of a good concert.
Stylistically, the crossover guitar description fits the bill: "the hands of a classical or flamenco guitarist with the heart of a jazz musician," says the liner notes on the cover. The term fingerstyle means that elements such as melodies, chords, bass lines and even percussion are performed simultaneously on a guitar. That also fits, although the usual heroes of this genre are not necessarily imitated here. You can feel the positive energy and complex spontaneity in the atmospheric snapshots that were captured in the same room with the same technique in a short period of time.

01 Dizzy Rabbit
02 Dolce Far Niente
03 Light As A Feather
04 Angels' Share
05 Eureka
06 Blue Chestnut
07 Jerry's Blues
08 Sigue Tu Corazón
09 miles to go
10 Right Now
11 For You
12 rubber biscuits
13 Glazed Donut
14 Tango For Django
15 precious moments
16 Two Notes One Love