Jim Yamouridis - The Other Side (CD) (5871791505561)

Jim Yamouridis - The Other Side (CD)


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"From the beginning, I wanted to make an album that could restore my faith in music and in the world. This, I had to do it alone and to do it right I chose a style of music that I like for a long time now, Rembetiko, which is a music of truth, and all the songs of the album are truth songs too.
I started by writing the music, mostly modal, without chords, then I developed a guitar style which brings rhythm and melody. I used former music modes and specific bars to create the sound before the verb. Then the lyrics come and it comes from the shadows, the hereafter: The Other Side. In this album, the singer is a character from the underworld feeling the need to talk to us.
This is the underlying cause of the album. I recorded it in my home studio: a guitar, a mic and a direct voice, without sound process. What you hear is this moment of raw truth. It's my contribution to Rembetiko. Without revival intention, without nostalgia. More a modern poem from ancestral dust. A new flesh covering old bones."

01 Mercy
02 My Love Goodbye
03 Some Weep
04 The Angel
05 The Golden Light
06 The Lake Laments
07 The Open Road
08 The Other Night
09 The River
10 You'll Go Alone