Jimmy Gee - Rock Your Town (CD) (5871736488089)

Jimmy Gee - Rock Your Town (CD)


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What actually happens when Jimi Hendrix joins Deep Purple and Jon Bon Jovi sings? Or, what would happen if Yngwie Malmsteen played at Aerosmith? One does not know! But Jimmy Gee dared to do just that. Why not? Frontman Jimmy is one of Germany's Flitzefinger revolver heroes and his voice doesn't fall short of this reputation. Solid as a rock is his excellent backing band.

01 Rock Your Town
02 Groupie Girl
03 In the bathroom
04 Heart Attack
05 Hundred Million Tears
06 Arabian Girl
07 I Can't Stop My Love
08 I Would Die For Your Love
09 Life Without Love
10 My Toy
11 The Voices Calling Me
12 Swing Your Town