Joachim Schuette - Chain Reaction (CD) (5871787475097)

Joachim Schuette - Chain Reaction (CD)


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"Chain Reaction" is the fourth and new CD by Joachim Schuette. Joachim is a guitarist, live and studio musician, textbook author and guitar teacher from Hanover. After three productions with his band LA SUX, this time it has become a solo project. Despite their complexity, Joachim's new compositions also convince with a high recognition value and show that perfectly composed songs and craftsmanship do not have to be in conflict with engaging melodies and feelings. The fourth work by Joachim Schütte offers fusion-influenced rock music and emotional ballads that are clearly out of the ordinary, juicy riffs, intricate and detailed arrangements, an energetic rhythm fraction and a crystal-clear, powerful sound, the perfect charms for guitar fans and rock music fans Lovers who have high standards of sound quality, musicality and songwriting.
The title "32 Strings" is also interesting, a composition for acoustic guitars and string instruments in which Joachim is supported by the cellist Hans Georg Reumessel and the violinist Pablo Hopenhayn. On some tracks you can still hear Dietrich Pinhammer on the keyboards and the Hammond organ, as well as the two percussionists Jürgen Fitzinger and Sebastian Vogt.

1. Chain reaction
2. My World
3. Rush hour
4. Land's End
5. Urban Life
6. Reflections
7. 32 strings
8. Highway No.1
9. Underground
10. Indian Summer
11. Space Rock
12. Spring Water
13. Land's End (Classical Guitar Version)