Jochen Aldingers DOWNBEATCLUB - Kino (CD) (5871704211609)

Jochen Aldinger's Downbeatclub - Cinema (CD)


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The shimmering width that this band creates suggests more than three musicians. Pulsating beats dissolve space and time in a hypnotic way. Like a chameleon, they adapt their musical colors to each other and thus create a uniquely homogeneous and clear sound. An impressive interaction, created by the sophisticated balance of precision and freedom. If you look for stylistic predecessors, Medeski Martin and Wood and John Scofield come to mind first, but then also the psychedelic rock of Pink Floyd and Deep Purple.

"Passionate game that is second to none.", Jazzpodium
"A remarkable ensemble. - Extremely creative jazz trio.”, Rhein Main Presse
"Breathtakingly good", DNN "...not only interesting for jazz lovers.", adrem
Will Bernard: "Down, dirty and funky."

01 Hypnotize Me
02 Jacques Bonde_x0003_
03 The Boston Cream Donut Experience
04 Bockenheim
05 Monsieur Le Commissaire
06 Good Cook Bad Cook
07 second line
08 Cookie Town
09 This Is My Family