Joga Club - Klick Klick Klick (CD) (5871820701849)

Yoga Club - Click Click Click (CD)


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Joga Club makes indie pop. For ten years, the five friends with Bandkeller near Osnabrück have shared their passion and made as much music as possible. With a stable indie base, pop melodies and the idea that every new song could become a favorite.
"Klick Klick Klick" is the name of Joga Club's fourth album, which will be released in March 2020. The eleven songs shoot instant images from all phases of life - from birth to childhood, first apartment, crisis and turmoil, to death. In addition to personal impressions, they also show social attitudes. And there are really good words in it. Bremen for example. Or kiosk. Umbrella, interstellar, grain, superwoman, sirens - awesome words!

01 Ten years
02 pigeons
03 Alf
04 Flashing shoes
05 before
06 stickers
07 fog
08 moth
09 Long enough quite well
10 weeks backwards
11 Cafe Boundless