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Yoga Club - Hummingbird (CD)


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Joga Club makes pop, which slowly but surely paves its way towards indie with the third album "Kolibri". Piano, synthesizer, accordion and polyphonic singing provide the right pinch of romance. The quintet put their heart and soul into their ideas for the successor to "Mosaik Musik" for two years. The result is a colorful album that lives up to its namesake.
The lyrics immerse the listener in little stories, situations and ideas: the first moment after waking up, the second look at life so far, the last night with friends, the before-before-before-last evening in paradise...

01. Catapult
02. Megaphone
03. Sunglasses
04. Nowhere I'd rather be
05. Warhead kiss me
06. Hostel
07. I commit myself
08. Seven
09. Good boy
10. Possibility one
11. Night Walk