Joga Club - Mosaik Musik (CD) (5871680356505)

Yoga Club - Mosaic Music (CD)


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With the second studio album, Joga Club creates a mosaic of music. Every song has a different tone. Pop shines in eleven colors. "Mosaik Musik" shows us Elton John piano and Schrammelguitars, dance numbers, rock songs and ballads. The lyrics sometimes go personally and sometimes poetically beyond the classic "you and me". Joga Club sings the saddest songs with a smile and makes tragedies danceable.
In 2011, the five Osnabrück natives from five musical directions traveled between Flensburg and Garmisch, between Emden and Görlitz with their debut album “Let it rain” – dancing, singing along, balloons! The second album comes as a loving collection of colorful ideas from German-speaking pop.

01 Sad clown
02 The plan
03 3D
04 winter
05 fishing village
06 I can't
07 Dark circles
08 Two dancers
09 Let her go
10 prompter
11 The Man in the Moon