Johann-Strauß-Orchester Kurpfalz - Komm, Zigány! (CD) (5871692152985)

Johann Strauss Orchestra Kurpfalz - Come, Zigány! (CD)


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As a balance to the opera and concert life, the maxim of the Johann Strauss Orchestra Kurpfalz is to interpret the “heavy light” with devotion and thus to convey enjoyment to the listener. With Prof. Wolfram Koloseus, a long-standing member of the Vienna Boys' Choir and current lecturer at the Joh. Gutenberg University in Mainz, the orchestra has a profound conductor who directs the orchestra from the grand piano. The musical arc stretches from the pioneers of upscale light music such as Lehár, Kálmán, Stolz and the Strauss dynasty, the master of salon music of the "Golden Twenties", Georges Boulanger and UFA sound film hits to classics of American film music and the economic miracle.

01 Ring fever
02 I often think of Piroschka
03 Eljen a Magyar op. 332
04 Come, Zigány!
05 Waltz
06 One will come
07 Overture
08 illusion
09 Wild Roses
10 In the glow of the evening sun
11 potpourri of his most beautiful melodies
12 There is only one of these!