Johannes Lang, Josef Mücksch, Theresa Maria Romes - Dieser chilenische Sommer war süß... (Memorias de „El Cimarrón“ La Nueva Canción) (CD) (5871802974361)

Johannes Lang, Josef Mücksch, Theresa Maria Romes - This Chilean summer was sweet... (Memorias de "El Cimarrón" La Nueva Canción) (CD)


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The lost work by Hans Werner Henze with the unusual title "This Chilean summer was sweet..." was recorded for the first time on the CD without any changes to the original text. Johannes Lang followed the premiere group, the poet Rudij Bergmann and the estate of HW Henze. After more than a year of research, the work was found and processed. Among others, Henze expert and Echo Klassik award winner Jürgen Ruck is also involved in this recording.
Violeta Parra and Victor Jara's songs are about oppression, love and the desire to make the world a better place. They were also the founders of the "Nueva Canción" movement in the 1950s and 60s, which drew attention to the grievances of the indigenous peoples and their descendants in South America. Victor Jara was arrested, tortured and finally murdered in Chile after the Pinochet coup. A year later there was a memorial concert in his honor for which HW Henze wrote the Chilean Summer. Johannes Lang gathers a whole series of young, top-class musicians such as Theresa Maria Romes and Adrian Lieb, and interprets this intense music in a stylish way. Particularly noteworthy are the finely set arrangements, which transport so much warmth and melancholy in their simplicity.
Memorias de "El Cimarrón" by Hans Werner Henze tells the story of the runaway slave Esteban Montejo Pate. He reports on the terrible conditions of that time in Cuba, how he escaped and witnessed the liberation of the slaves. Holger Klemt lends his charismatic, distinctive voice to the protagonists. In addition to Johannes Lang, the award-winning guitarist Josef Mükisch takes on a part. The guitar duo knows how to make music together at the highest level and captures Henze's tonal language in their very own way. They are expressive, expressive, flexible and sometimes even funny.

01 The world
02 The mansion
03 The escape
04 The forest
05 The ghosts
06 The false freedom
07 The women
08 The machines
09 the pastors
10 The Uprising