Johannes Öllinger - Brieflieder (CD) (5871811657881)

Johannes Öllinger - Epistles (CD)


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Hannah Arendt & Heinrich Blücher, Otto von Bismarck, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Wilhelm Busch, Paul Celan, Albert Einstein, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Franz Kafka, John Keats, Wolfgang Koeppen, Rosa Luxemburg, Emerenz Meier, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Sophie Scholl, Kurt Tucholsky, Oscar Wilde Johannes Öllinger selected particularly striking sentences from each of the correspondence and combined them into unique lyrics.
You can hear Franz Kafka falling in love with Milena Jesenká, Kurt Tucholsky from his Swedish exile grappling with Nazi Germany, or the young Sophie Scholl discovering her courage to resist. A snippy Hannah Arendt, a loving Bismarck, a grumpy Wilhelm Busch, a stoic Rosa Luxemburg and many others also have their say. The renowned musician – most recently awarded the Bavarian Art Promotion Prize – gives the multi-layered texts a musical guise, simple but never banal, with just his voice and guitar.

"Songs that have their very own power and poetry." (Neue Musikzeitung) "You wouldn't have believed how this idea took off. A great moment." (Allgäu newspaper)

1. See Milena
2. The practice is a thing in itself
3. I love you
4. My last
5. With a mild smile
6. Radically minded
7. nudges and sniffs
8. Illness
9. Ever Yours
10. Be good
11. You know
12. Weather: Overcast