John Liedermann - Die neue deutsche Schwelle (CD) (6647596941465)

John Liedermann - The New German Threshold (CD)


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On his second studio album "Die Neue Deutsche accordinglye" the triple German rock and pop award winner John Liedermann finds new sounds and fresh music. This time, many musicians from all over Germany are guests. With guitars, synthesizers, percussion, piano, strings, choir singing and some provocation, there were no limits to his creativity. Loud & crazy; quiet & thoughtful; motley to dream & sing along. With these texts and music he composed himself, John Liedermann crossed many a threshold of German-language music. Whether cheerful or profound, political or even a bit psychopathic - there's a lot going on on this album!
A production by:
Dimensions Music and John Liederman
Musical guests and friends on this album: Der Ole (former singer of Massendefekt), Dimensions Music, Diary of Madaleine, Vicky D., Casual K., Andi Götz and Conny Conrad

1. Uto.pie (Intro)
2. The man
3. 99 roses
4. Frequency change
5. Ambient
6. At the window
7. Snow
8. You laugh so beautifully
9. Dreaming (I guess you can too)
10. Alex chooses blue