John Liedermann - I make my world (CD)

John Liedermann - I make my world (CD)


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As Pippi Longstocking once sang I MACH MIR DIE WELT... (as I like it), JOHN LIEDERMANN is now releasing his third studio album true to this motto. With "ICH MACH MIR DIE WELT" 13 tracks are released, which really do justice to the title of the album. Sometimes the guitars roar in metal style, while the drums and the bass guitar are pounding around your ears, then the wind instruments are skilfully staged and suddenly the sound swings over to reggae. Nevertheless, everything with a strong pinch of harmony, a little sarcasm and sometimes a little serious. There's a lot on offer on this album - except boredom.
"After my debut album (John Liedermann/2020), which was mostly produced for me, I wanted to be more involved. I was able to work more on the second album (The New German Threshold/2021). I produced everything on this album – that was my biggest motivation for number three.”
John Liedermann has already received 5 awards (including “Best Pop Album” and “Best Pop Song”) from the German Pop Foundation. "That's extremely motivating to keep producing something new."
After the last concept EP (Trüb/2022) with the rather dark sound and serious topics, there is now new, more colorful stuff. Included are the already released songs GUTE LAUNE and KOKOSNUSSHALLIGALLI. Also included is the third single VORBEI.

Turn it up - listen.
PEACE & HAPPINES – someday!

01 lesson number 1
02 having fun
03 One beer too many
04 Good mood
05 Alien
06 over
07 sea
08 hate that!
09 Coconut Halligalli
10 asshole lives
11 Very small
12 empty
13 Farewell Song, Bye Bye