Johnboy - State Of The Art (CD) (5871723118745)

Johnboy - State Of The Art (CD)


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Johnboy stands for modern heavy rock in a power trio format. Powerful and catchy riffs, carried by a fat guitar sound and driving rhythms, peppered with melodic refrains that go straight to the ear, but unobtrusively.
On their new album "State Of The Art" the band presents eleven expressive songs, multi-layeredly inspired by all influences that have shaped the spirit of rock music, without using common clichés or treading well-trodden paths. This is a logical further development of their self-distributed predecessor "Custom", which the makers of ROCK HARD magazine took as an opportunity to ennoble the power rock triumvirate in April 2013 with the title "Demo Tape of the Month".
With their minimalist line-up, the band has made it their task to fill every stage with a maximum of musical and visual presence. Whether on a club or festival stage, whether as the main band or supporting New Model Army, Zodiac or Nitrogods, the trio turns every show into an authentic live experience for the audience with passion and enthusiasm. If you are interested in contemporary and handmade Heavy Rock, you should definitely not miss Johnboy.

01 Black Horizon
02 My Last Concept
03 Defy Disgrace
04 Forsaken
05 Only The Sun Remains
06 My Pain
07 Sway
08 breakdown
09 Close To The Edge
10 Beyond The Sky
11 The Hammer