Johnny Ketzel und sein Schliesser - Ladenhüter (CD) (5871720169625)

Johnny Ketzel and his locksmith - slow sellers (CD)


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With relaxed lyrics and a loose tongue, the Münster native Johnny Ketzel makes American country music his own and opens up new horizons for it in colloquial German. Johnny Ketzel sings his verses somewhere between youthful brashness and the mellow wisdom of old age, like someone who has been shaken by a lot but can't be shaken by anything anymore. A homeopathic storyteller with fresh soul bandages and semantic patches currently unique on the scene. We've all been through the same thing as him.
Johnny Ketzel examines the really bad moments and those of little luck. His touchingly melancholic everyday visions, whose hidden comedy often only unfolds on second listen, convey this indescribable "yes-exactly" feeling. The rhymes fit like tailored suits. Loser lyrics with an indomitable winner mentality. Johnny Ketzel presents his unconventional stage program in a self-ironic and tongue-in-cheek way, transforming the region's stages into a blazing ring of fire with wonderful regularity. This is country music from another planet.

01 Anytime and always
02 Last will
03 On the station forecourt in Hamm
04 slow seller
05 Let's just stay friends
06 To the bitter end
07 The Hülsta wall unit (real walnut veneer)
08 For rehabilitation in Bad Hersfeld
09 The beast in me
10 My new dress
11 Your last letter
12 All good