Johnny Ketzel und sein Schliesser - Schluss mit lustig (CD) (5906920013977)

Johnny Ketzel and his Schliesser - no more fun (CD)


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With relaxed lyrics and a loose tongue, the Münster native Johnny Ketzel makes American country music his own and opens up new horizons for it in colloquial German.
Johnny Ketzel sings his verses, somewhere between youthful brashness and the serene wisdom of old age, like someone who has been shaken by a lot but can no longer be shaken by anything. A homeopathic storyteller with fresh soul bandages and semantic plasters that are currently unique in the scene. We've all been through the same thing as him.
Johnny Ketzel offers consolation with a wink. Loser lyrics with an indomitable winner mentality. Carried by the virtuoso playing of his guitarist Siggi Mertens, who skilfully cushions all spontaneous interactive capers, Johnny Ketzel presents his unconventional stage program self-ironic and with a wink and transforms the stages of the region into a blazing ring of fire with wonderful regularity. This is country music from another planet.

01 Crashed
02 Nobody wants to hear that
03 The thickest piece
04 All or nothing
05 No more funny
06 Without you
07 Let them see me
08 Thank you
10 You can guess three times
11 At the last stop
12 This damn nest