Joker’s Paradise - Farewells (CD) (5871742419097)

Joker's Paradise - Farewells (CD)


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After "Dreamworld", Joker's Paradise is now presenting its second album with this project line-up. The 49-minute work "Farewells" is dedicated to the subject of "farewell" in the most diverse musical and textual facets, divided into eleven self-contained music titles. As with the predecessor "Dreamworld", the listener immediately feels cinema in his head.
The exciting melodies of the electric violin invite you to dream, Katrin Mayer's powerful voice, shaped by the musical stage, envelops the listener with a noble coat of soulful, but at the same time powerful sounds. The serious-looking compositions by Georg Pfundtner and Thomas Sternfeld are sometimes hard, sometimes tender, sometimes childish, sometimes bombastic, staged by the protagonists.

01 Opening
02 Don't Touch Me
03 Slaved
04 Let Me Go
O5 Farewell
06 Fly Away With Me
07 When You Lose Your Best Friend
08 Billy's Serenade
09 No Return
10 Lost in Darkness
11 Billy