Jörg Erb - Am Leben so dicht (CD) (6732148539545)

Jörg Erb - So close to life (CD)


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Where do you go when it gets quiet
Will you stay where you are then?
Outside, the world keeps turning
Whatever the world is outside"

Musically based on the tradition of American folk songs, which have shaped him since his early youth, Jörg Erb searches for the liveliness of a person who is confronted with stagnation. Without a net, but with a double bottom, he describes human borders and destinies in his texts.
The songs on his album were mostly written in 2020; they look back and catch up with us. Thrown back on ourselves, we stand still and face the big questions that we all too often dodge: who are we, where do we come from, where are we going?
The songs want to get close, even if it sometimes hurts - without sadness there is no consolation. Jörg Erb wants to touch people with his music; In his opinion, the greatest wealth of text, music and singing is here.
The album was mainly recorded live; the recordings were produced by Uli Kringler, who also has an impressive presence as a guitarist and organist. Jörg Erb was able to win numerous other renowned colleagues as guest musicians, including Yogi Jockusch (last with Achim Reichel), Martin Bentz (Kaiser Quartet), Hagen Kuhr (Carla Bley, Giora Feidman, Die Ärzte, Selig, Udo Lindenberg).
The production was funded by the Music / New Culture Initiative.

01 Soon
02 A shirt, a scarf
03 heart rate
04 So heavy
05 hat and coat
06 Ewald
07 Silent mail
08 Stay who you are
09 Through the wind