Jorinde Jelen Band - Jollis Wilde Welt der Worte (CD) (5871765160089)

Jorinde Jelen Band - Jollis Wild World of Words (CD)


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In Jolli's Wild World of Words, the Jorinde Jelen Band doesn't just play with sounds! Ten new songs for children involve rhyming, guessing, puzzles, singing, swinging, wrestling with words, clapping and jumping.
Do you want to learn the language of the aliens or the babies? Meet the sore muscles and other funny creatures? Juggle with words and tones, noises and sounds? Guess riddles or invent movements? Then dive into Jolli's wild world of words!

1 Ready
2 puzzle song
3 If I wave, I say hello to you
4 The Babbelberta
5 The butterfly
6 The sore throat worm
7 noise song
8 distant galaxy
9 Nogo Choko
10 blues for little people
11 If I wave, I say hello to you
(sing along version)