Jorinde Jelen - Vermischung (CD) (5906919391385)

Jorinde Jelen - Mixture (CD)


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Jorinde Jelen's music carries you straight to the sea, to a moonless beach and in the middle of the storm. In the 11 songs, your own words are mixed with those of great German poets, jazz with elements of pop music, tender with strong impulses.
Jorinde Jelen's music was not created on a producer's drawing board. The singer relies entirely on her own musical instincts and those of her longtime fellow musicians. The songs are almost exclusively penned by her, they are arranged together, mostly with the 2nd guitarist Bastian Ruppert. "The lyrics are the core from which the music grows," says Jorinde Jelen.
In doing so, she not only allowed herself to be inspired by the great masters of German poetry,
but also set poems by Rainer Maria Rilke and Joseph von Eichendorff to music for the new album.

01 Glass fish
02 One evening
03 Mixing
04 moonlit night
05 So let's say goodbye
06 Are you lying awake
07 ocean
08 With me
09 You say goodbye
10 if you want to know
11 April witch