Joris Hering Blues Band - Unterwegs (CD) (5871734947993)

Joris Hering Band - On the Road (CD)


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2015 is a significant year for the Joris Hering Blues Band as the band celebrates its tenth anniversary. And just in time for the anniversary, the power blues trio from Berlin Weißensee is releasing its first studio album entitled "Unterwegs" after two live records.
With the album, the band proves that it is still possible for a blues band to sound independent and unmistakable. A contributing factor is that thirteen of the fifteen songs were penned by Joris Hering. Well-known blues standards, which definitely have a place in the band's live program, are deliberately avoided on "Unterwegs".
The album, which is completely in German, mainly touches on everyday topics of people in this country with its lyrics. Stylistically, the album ranges from snotty power blues to swinging old-time blues and puristic acoustic pieces. The whole thing is additionally enlivened by the appearance of a few guests who add further facets to the sound.

01 On the way
02 fire
03 She left me this morning
04 rain
05 Beautiful
06 doll
07 Isolde
08 Fishtone Blues
09 song for a river
10 cat
11 closing time
12 Hometown Blues
13 cutie