Jörnsson - Time In A Bottle (CD) (5871760900249)

Jörnsson - Time In A Bottle (CD)


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Every jubilee year someone comes around the corner with an idea that is so obvious that you wonder why no one has actually thought of it before. The Sylt singer Jörnsson grabs the guitars and flutes of his childhood and writes songs that have their origins somewhere between the pop songs of the late flower children and the Great American Songbook.
Cheeky texts with graphic language, entertaining catchy tunes that spread a good mood on Sunday mornings. When the groovy cello drives the swarm of old wooden flutes in front of it, the sun rises over the island and a fresh wind blows through the small house by the sea where these recordings were made. There is no sunnier way to start your day.

1. If I Was A Millionaire
2. Tie A Yellow Ribbon
3. The Funniest Guy In The World
4. I'm old-fashioned
5. People Are People
6. Time In A Bottle
7. All Individuals
8. Let's Be Clever
9. How Deep Is Your Love
10. Love Ain't Such A Bad Thing