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Joseh - Open Up (CD)


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Folk pop with guitar and harp? What seems unusual at first glance fits together so well with Joseh. Ulli and Joseph are together Joseh from Hamburg. The sources from which you feed your sometimes melancholy, sometimes smart, sometimes passionate compositions are mainly in the post-Nick Drake songwriter scene and know hardly any reservations. Everything in it appears to have arisen spontaneously from a sympathetic confusion between morning coffee and leftover alcohol, faded holiday postcards and unpaid bills, and to dance past the abysses of everyday life with a somnambulistic uninhibitedness.
On their album, Ulli and Joseph drummed up a whole band and got started. Already with the opener “Something” the sun rises. The melody is relaxed in your ear and the singing lets you forget the gray winter. Lyrically, the album is about special moments, relationships, friends, everything that takes you out of everyday life and makes you happy.
Joseh tell you, hey, don't care so much about the past, look forward to what's to come! Sometimes you have to say goodbye to say hello to others. The quieter, melancholic songs like "Barest love" or "Be silent" stand for this. And as beautifully as on "The angst and the storm" not everyone can say that you just don't fit together. But already on the next song "Friend" - as in life itself - everything will be fine. Joseh would probably even say "All is good".

01 Something
02 Midnight Pit
03 I Don't Feel Brave At All
04 On And On
05 These Tire Days
06 These Tire Days
07 Little Boy
08 Adieu To His Native Land
09 Be Silent
10 All Is Good
11 The Fear And The Storm
12 friends
13 Don't Stand Still