Joseph Myers - An Impulse From Within (CD) (5871675965593)

Joseph Myers - An Impulse From Within (CD)


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The singer/songwriter trio "Ain't No Before" was founded in Osnabrück in 2006. In 2011, their singer decided to go solo alongside his band under the name Joseph Myers and to enrich the cities of Germany, Austria and Switzerland with his music nationwide. Because his music is different. Unlike that of his band Ain't No Before. She's moody, emotional, and no doubt a part of himself.
He sings from his life with the help of his life, the guitar. Honest, pure and unadulterated. In his songs, Joseph Myers processes all the problems in life that everyone knows, but never forgets the sunny side. He is not afraid of any topic and his guitar, which he has carried with him since he was four, accompanies him day and night, always ready to hand at his side.

01 Poetry
02 The Distance Between Us
03 After All feat. Hanna Meyerholz
04 Bad Weather Blues
05 Born In A Cage
06 Scars
07 Walking The Streets
08 What Am I Living For
09 Interlude
10 Someone Like You