Joseph Myers - Footsteps (Maxi Single CD) (5871709651097)

Joseph Myers - Footsteps (Maxi Single CD)


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“Maybe that's what makes Joseph Myers' songs so close and familiar: you always recognize yourself in parts of his lyrics. It's the big feelings that you know and like to trivialize, but that make life worth living." Pretty in Noise on "Puzzles and Places"

Joseph Myers from Osnabrück has been touring non-stop across Europe with his guitar for several years. Most recently, his commitment was rewarded with an appearance on the ZDF format "TVNoir" together with Konstatin Wecker. Now he's releasing the second single "Footsteps" from his new album "Puzzles and Places" in a duet with singer Mariekatzer. Myers manages the balancing act between the honesty of a singer/songwriter and electronic sounds. It's about the feelings of two people who can't be with each other, but also can't be without each other. The single is complemented by two remixes that the songwriter himself chose from suggestions from his fans.

01 Footsteps (Single Version)
02 Footsteps (DnB Edit)
03 Footsteps (Phantom Cats Version)