Joseph Myers - Puzzles And Places (CD) (5871702900889)

Joseph Myers - Puzzles And Places (CD)


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Head off. leisure on. Joseph Myers is not a smooth, cuddly songwriter of the old ranks, but an artist who courageously embarks on the search for new paths. His second studio album "Puzzles And Places" is bursting with energy and moves somewhere between nostalgic post-tour memoirs, musical finesse and attention to detail.
The songs are the result of his long artistic journey, which was closely linked to the constant struggle between good and evil. Unlike the majority of the local singer/songwriter squad, he dispenses with musical fairy tales and devotes himself to his own fascinating poetry.

01 Puzzles And Places (single release 10.10.2014)
02 Waiting
03 Birds
04 Behind The Clouds
05 Denmark
06 Until Kingdom Come
07 Footsteps (feat. Marie Katzener)
08 To Give Up Hope
09 Leaving Home