JUAKALI - No Choice (12 Vinyl-Album)

JUAKALI - No Choice (12" vinyl album)


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When a band describes themselves as "left-wing sleazy system folks", it's hard to deny a political attitude, but if you check JUAKALI's online performance, you'll see a lot of fun, buddies and very likeable guys at the same time. Everything is correct. Just like the next cliché, what you get musically dished up by the three. A trio likes to stand for straight, direct and high power.... Powerful dirty garage punk rock. Too fast for Stoner, too little Seattle Sound for Grunge, but contemporary alternative rock that likes to question genre boundaries when you look in the rear-view mirror. The voice is formative and certainly gives JUAKALI its own touch and a high recognition value.
About 3 years ago, the Berliners found each other on the RAW site, a nucleus for music, partying and alternative culture. And that is reflected in JUAKALI's short CV, because after numerous concerts in the Berlin underground, the band used the concert-free pandemic time to record their debut album. Quickly establishing themselves as the "pre-pre-pre-metallica band" (but that's another story), the three are now ready for the next step.
"No Choice" seems to be one of those albums that you play on repeat and just enjoy listening out loud. Good songs, catchy, yet rough and scratchy. There's a lot of 90's guitar sound to be heard. Hard, impetuous, forward rolling songs. Guitar, bass, drums are the foundation. You don't need more.

01 3rd degree
02 Wake Up
03 Overboard
04 Fatal Mistake
05 Arabella
01 The Bush
02 Get Up
03 Cowmance
04 Mountains
05 No Choice