Judith Beckedorf - Behind The Blue Sea (CD) (5871812378777)

Judith Beckedorf - Behind The Blue Sea (CD)


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At the age of 14, the musician Judith Beckedorf, who was born near Hamburg, discovered her passion for the guitar and worked largely self-taught until her studies. She was initially drawn to the fingerstyle scene early on, where she quickly drew attention to herself with successful YouTube videos. In order to learn from the renowned guitarists Thomas Fellow, Reentko Dirks and Stephan Bormann and to further develop her musical skills, she moved to Dresden in 2012 and studies there at the Carl Maria von Weber University of Music. Since then she has performed regularly both solo and with singer Victor Sepulveda.
In the search for her own musical language, the acoustic guitarist increasingly lets her voice flow in as well. The nylon strings of her guitar accompany her in her own songs with mostly English lyrics and make her own instrumental compositions and arrangements sound. To learn more about this, Judith spent a year in Nashville, TN (USA), also known as “Music City”, and dedicated herself to bluegrass music and songwriting there.
Her biggest musical influences include her guitar hero Tommy Emmanuel and traditional American folk songs. In her own compositions, the young musician combines lively guitar playing with tangible melodies, unfiltered personal experiences with fictional stories.

01 Don't Waste Your Time
02 Flowers On My Grave
03 Mother
04 Southern Rain
05 Into The Blue
06 Weak Or Strong
07 runs
08 When We Were Young
09 You hero
10 How Long
11 Both Sides Now