Judith Hoersch - MiniPop (CD) (5871681568921)

Judith Hoersch - MiniPop (CD)


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That's really rare! An artist who dances at several weddings at the same time, and she does it very skillfully. It speaks for this young woman that she has real fun with this existential multitasking - and also creates it. A woman who works with verve and boldness and considerable self-confidence...Judith Hoersch, born in Cologne under the sign of Pisces, doesn't exactly make it easy for people with a pronounced zeal for categorization.
An actress who sings; a singer who acts? Author, ambassador for earthquake-stricken Haiti...? Yes, all that and much more. A multi-talent with a breathless agenda and the energy of a hurricane. The next coup in her eventful life is called »MiniPop«.

01 motherfucker
02 country girl
03 Everything is OK
04 punk rock
05 apocalypse
06 You blow my mind
07 Second Thief
08 I can again
09 ass by the sea
10Jean Claude
11 world saved
12 Ferdinand
13 The night is black baby!