Judith Tellado, Paulo Pereira - Galego (CD) (5871830761625)

Judith Tellado, Paulo Pereira - Galego (CD)


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Galego (Galicians) is a common expression in Brazil for the inhabitants of Portugal. And sometimes such galegos make larger circles, both spatially and musically: in Hamburg, the saxophonist Paulo Pereira, who was born in Emden to Portuguese parents, meets the Puerto Rican singer Judith Tellado. A joint album seems only a matter of time, now both will present it in 2020: Galego - with music by Paulo Pereira, which alternates between different jazz styles, samba and calypso overtones and builds a bridge to the wide American continent. And with lyrics by Judith Tellado, who contrasts the musical richness with the wide spectrum of her singing in English, Portuguese and Spanish as well as her improvised scat syllable language.

01 Back Bay Blues
02 Galego
03 Nobreza Silenciosa
04 Right Said Eddy
05 Rooftop Groove
06 Samba Para Dagmar
07 Merlin
08 Cyprin
09 Chega De Neve
10 Down Home