Judith Tellado - Yerba Mala (CD) (5871799828633)

Judith Tellado - Yerba Mala (CD)


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Not everyone loves weed. It finds its place, it blooms where it wants. And it doesn't go away: Yerba mala nunca muere - that applies in German as well as in Spanish, in Hamburg as well as in Puerto Rico.
"I've always tried to live up to the expectations of others and still be myself," says Judith Tellado. "But that is impossible. At some point I understood that. And I understood that I have a responsibility, to myself and to art: I don't have to be nice - I have to be honest. Even if not everyone likes it: I'm just the growth that I am."
Judith Tellado was one of the discoveries of 2014. Even before that, she had enriched the music scene in St. Pauli with more than just a few splashes of color with her unique and idiosyncratic mélange of jazz, bolero and singer-songwriter touches. And their album "Under Neon Stars" finally generated an echo that could be heard all over Germany. Looking at the album cover from back then, Judith Tellado almost sounds a little incredulous. "I'm not the woman that I see there anymore," she says, as if there were more than years between Under Neon Stars and their new work, Yerba Mala. And indeed: Judith Tellado has remained true to her stylistic diversity. But her voice now tells other stories.

1. Yerba mala
2. For The Good Times
3. Valija Lista
4. Replay
5. Travelers' Song
6. Tuya
7. Guayaba
8.Johnny Tramp
9. Letters From Paradise
10. Nice, nice
11. This Will Be
12. Gold mine
13. Fifteen Seconds Of Noise