Jugendorchester Baden-Württemberg meets Duo Kvaratskhelia - Werke für 2 Sologitarren und Gitarrenorchester (CD) (5948063056025)

Youth Orchestra Baden-Württemberg meets Duo Kvaratskhelia - works for 2 solo guitars and guitar orchestra (CD)


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The Youth Guitar Orchestra of Baden-Württemberg does not need to shy away from comparison with outstanding artists, because it has already performed successfully with them: with Leo Brower, Celso Machado, Terry Riley and David Tanenbaum.
The top ensemble, which is supported by the Music Council of Baden-Württemberg, is made up of around 25 to 30 talented young guitarists, most of whom are prizewinners at the Jugend musiziert state or national competitions. For what is now their fourth CD, they have won a guitar duo with the Georgian brothers Nick and David Kvaratskhelia, who are among the most internationally successful of their generation. Together they embark on an exciting journey through different musical epochs and captivate with equally virtuoso and tasteful interpretations of works that were specially arranged for this instrumentation. A special highlight and downright discovery is Gerald Garcia's Lorca Concerto. The JGO and the duo Kvaratskhelia interpret the work, which is certainly still unknown to many, so vividly, colorfully, sensitively and nuanced that listening to the CD becomes a lasting experience.

Antonio Vivaldi (1678 -1741)
01 Allegro
02 Larghetto e spiritoso
03 Allegro

Ruggero Giovanelli (1560–1625)
Ero cosi dicea
Giovanni Maria Nanino (1543/44–1607)
Morir non può il mio core
Lasso, ch'ogni augelletto
Joseph Haydn (1732–1809)
07 Allegro con spirito
08 Andante
09 finals. Allegro con brio
Gerald Garcia (*1949)
10 Anda Jaleo
11 Nana
12Los Reyes
Astor Piazzolla (1921–1992)
13 fugata