Julia A. Noack - 69.9 (CD) (5906917949593)

Julia A. Noack - 69.9 (CD)


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With a handful of excellent Berlin musicians, some of them too
at her numerous live concerts, Julia A. Noack has recorded an album in the studio of her new label Timezone that transcends the classic singer-songwriter image.
69.9 is full of ideas, sparkling, progressive - and yet it hasn't lost any of the soul and warmth of the debut album.

01 Undue merging
02 Sudden twist
03 69.9
04 Phantom dream
05 Redefine
06 Grizzly girl
07 Me & The AD
08 Dark Enough
09 bee buzzin'
10 Everything alright
11 square bracket open / close
12 Lay your head