Julia A. Noack - Piles & Pieces (CD) (5906918637721)

Julia A. Noack - Piles & Pieces (CD)


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There are many singer/songwriters. Berlin-based Julia A. Noack, however, is not just one of them. She has a very decisive advantage: her charismatic, unique singing voice, which makes any comparison with the usual colleagues pointless. Her songs, which can be categorized as IndieFolk or AcousticPop if you wish, are intense and authentic and grab you where it hurts a little.
Sometimes powerful and explosive, sometimes playful and melancholic, they all have one thing in common: they get right under your skin, bluntly and outrageously emotionally dig into the listener's flesh, and once they're in his bloodstream it's hard to get rid of them . Like only a few, Julia A. Noack manages to touch the listener, to change their mood, to create longing, to give hope and to conjure up a smile.
In 2007, Julia A. Noack's debut album "Piles & Pieces" was released, which aroused great interest and even greater enthusiasm among listeners and writers. On it are songs from a whole decade, collected, bundled, stacked.

01 Are You With Me Now
02 Leaving the Door Ajar
03 Underwater Death
04 House On the Hillside
05 My Love Isn't With Me Tonight
06 Love Song
07 Think's Break
08 I Feel the Winter
09 Do You Remember My Name
10 It Was All Beautiful
11 Into the Real
12 Watching Magnum On Tv
13 Dawning Consciousness, Delayed