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Julia A. Noack - The Feast (CD)


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She had found out in which hotel Bob Dylan would stay, back then in Bonn. And she not only had her demo CD and a guitar with her, but also outrageous luck. "Mr. Dylan, would you have a second?” Julia A. Noack asked the god of all songwriters boldly when he stepped out of the elevator – and unbelievably, but true: she was allowed to play her songs to him. Eventually even his own: "Blind Willie McTell" they sang together. In between, he tuned her guitar, praised her songs, gave her tips – and felt reminded of Emmylou Harris by Julia's voice. "That was something special," she remembers of this unforgettable encounter in 2003. But it was much more: It was an accolade. After that she recorded two studio albums – a girl from Berlin with a guitar; a folk lady who had already played with Dylan. To this day, she gets a backstage pass when he tours Germany. The Folklady made an impression on the king of folk.
Meanwhile Julia A. Noack is much further and her album "The Feast" is the next step, a big one: With the Viennese producer Alexander Nefzger she docks onto the international indie scene. After Christiane Rösinger, Ja, Panik oder illute, she is now also using the synergy effects of the Berlin-Vienna axis.
With Nefzger, who became known through unusual productions for Clara Luzia and other Austrian indie artists, Julia A. Noack developed experimental arrangements for her lyrical song poems, for love songs without the word "love", for nature-inspired metaphors such as "silver whisper in the trees". It was the intensive cooperation of two creative powerhouses: "We were in a musical bubble." The result: trombones, electronic disruptors, crackling percussion, electric and electric guitars and at the center of the soundscape Julia's voice, from which Nefzger gets everything out - and who (sorry, Bob!) has nothing by Emmylou Harris. "The Feast" has become exactly what its title promises: an acoustic feast. A feast of sounds, loops and timbres, of poetry, big melodies and refrains that become pop mantras. An album that shimmers and shimmers with ideas and inspirations.

01 Want / Be
02 Everything is sexuality
03 Name for this
04 What'd she say
05 Silver whisper
06 Summer, something
07 We're crazy
08 designer drugs
09 The feast
10 Matter of me
11 The inconceivable