Julian Leucht & The Night Bus Strangers - III (CD) (5871762440345)

Julian Leucht & The Night Bus Strangers - III (CD)


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I. Julian Leucht and his band The Night Bus Strangers have dedicated themselves to the myth of the American night. And the matching soundtrack is straight, rough folk rock, which is surprisingly calm, but all the more effective. Also notable is Leucht's voice, which sounds like 500 miles of prairie dust and cheap whiskey from the gas station. Reinforced in a small band formation, the ideal companion through a night full of songs, stories, dreams and myths of a more real reality...
II. After the acoustically influenced debut album "Blue Motel" by the trio from Hamburg in 2014, the musically larger format "Depraved & Wonderful" followed in 2016, on which the band was supported by organs and wind instruments.
III. On the current album "III" the band reflects back on the core of their chamber music of the nocturnal city. This third album was recorded live by the three musicians (guitar, bass, drums) over three days and nights. They combine modern lyrics with classic, but by no means rusty song structures.

1. You're A Man Now
2. Insomnia
3. No blues
4. Hallucinations
5. The Tailor
6. Arabesque Afternoon
7. Odd Balloons
8. Phone boxes
9. Same Old Songs
10. Alcatraz Heart
11. Cashmere Dreams
12. Middle Class Hero
13. I'm Tired