Jutta Weinhold - Die Tochter des Fliegenden Holländers: Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen PhantaSIE (Mediabook inkl. CD)

Jutta Weinhold - The Daughter of the Flying Dutchman: In Search of the Lost PhantaSIE (Mediabook incl. CD)


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Since 1969, Jutta Weinhold has been firmly in the grip of rock music. She sang in Hair, and Jesus Christ Superstar and formed bands like Zed Yago and Velvet Viper. In doing so, she laid the foundation for dramatic metal. The lyrics, inspired by poetry, literature and imagination, are the basis for the story, which she doesn't see as a book in the usual sense, but as a slightly longer letter to friends. With her we step into the world of sagas and legends, into strange and unreal dimensions, a challenge to limitless imagination. The words of the classics accompany their quest, which begins in the Twilight Zone, at the edge of the great water, at the source of PhantaSIE.

Book 374 pages + bonus CD (5 songs)

01 The spell from over yonder
02 Queen and priest
03 rebel ladies
04 United Pirate Kingdom
05 Black bone song