Kai Olaf - Wenn ich groß bin… live (2CD) (5871687303321)

Kai Olaf - When I grow up... live (2CD)


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For years, Kai Olaf has been touring the country with his guitar and his own songs, gaining an ever-growing audience.
It's this mixture of self-deprecating fun songs and yearning ballads that brought him loads of sympathy and victories at over a dozen song slams. It is this mixture that made him both write texts for Nino de Angelo and appear in the television finals of the NDR Comedy Contest. And last but not least, it is thanks to his fine sense of entertainment and his vocal qualities that he has now been able to secure a good reputation in the German songwriter scene.
The requests for a CD, which Kai Olaf released in the form of a live double album, grew louder and louder. It includes the songs most desired by his audience.

01 Welcome Michl Jakob
02 1.65m
03 Announcement (Next time)
04 Next time
05 Announcement (Not enough for love)
06 Not enough for love
07 announcement (helper syndrome)
08 Helper Syndrome (With Atze Bauer)
09 Announcement (Little Justin)
10 Little Justin
11 Announcement (Midnight Feeling)
12 midnight feeling
13 Take me with you
14 Announcement (Racing Time)
15 Raging Time
16 Then I look old
17 announcement (best time)
18 Best time
19 Announcement (Vagabonds)
20 vagabonds
21 announcement (light)
22 Light (With Philipp Stenger)
23 The tragi-comic story of two people who might be meant for each other, but still probably won't get it together
24 On Disproportionately Severe Female Panic Attacks When Unwanted Male Love Confessions
25 Let her go
26 announcement (checked)
27 Done (With André Katawazi)
28 Announcement (But tomorrow...)
29 But tomorrow...
30 Rock'n'Roll
31 The unfortunate ballad of the scorned
32 Announcement (Alaska)
34 We save the world
35 announcement (Have mercy on me)
36 Have mercy on me
37 Announcement (Marie)
38 Marie
39 I Dreamed (Bonus Track)