The Kai Strauss Band - This Time (CD) (5871675506841)

The Kai Strauss Band feat. Jeffrey Amankwa - This Time (CD)


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"A wonderful mixture, as if Al Green, Ben Harper and Jimmie Vaughan had finally made their joint album, played by an outrageously young, great band for this music ... and that from near Osnabrück ... now we have the salad, a repertoire with really great songs, a 'retro sound' that sounds super modern at the same time and a band leader, who can play as a team player, always shows where the blues hammer hangs." Ali Neander, guitarist/producer (Rodgau Monotones, Glashaus)

01 Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don't
02 A Good Day
03 07:30 (Seven Thirty)
04 This Time
05 The Harder You Love
06 One Woman Man
07 A Whole Lotta Medicine
08 Just the Man I Am
09 I Wish I'd Known
10 Still a Fool
11 No Easy Way
12 Procrastination Blues