Kalapi - Schachmatt (CD) (5871709388953)

Kalapi - Checkmate (CD)


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The four-piece Munich punk rock band Kalapi was founded in 2011 as a mouthpiece for friendship, love and social criticism.
It was always important to the band to make the music sound understandable and expressive. Hard, self-composed German-language punk rock is delivered, which screws itself into the auditory canals with an earworm character.
Through a long-standing friendship and a common sense of punk rock, their sound has become very strong. But they are always up for a surprise. Kalapi are and will remain an experienced live band that guarantees a good atmosphere!

01 intro
02 doubts
03 street
04 Better time
05 1000 times
06 Checkmate
07 Take me home
08 It took a long time
09 These wings
10 Back to you
11 Right and Sense
12 Nice day