Kamera 2 - Gaistas (CD) (5871817031833)

Camera 2 - Gaistas (CD)


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A summer in Riga. We stand in front of the “Elefant” hotel and talk about our music. We've lost people since the last release. And gained new ones. Life has changed. It raises question and exclamation marks. The Camera 2 album "Gaistas" tells about this, tells about the ghosts of the past and those who ambush us today. It's about demolitions and departures, wandering and quarreling and getting up again. In life and in music.

01 Disconnected
02 library
03 What I know about you
04 Everything
05 Old walls
06 did you
07 tower room
08 Behind the castle
09 Allika
10 dungeons
11 Big Again