Käpt’n Panda - Shanghai ist ätzend (CD) (5906926600345)

Captain Panda - Shanghai sucks (CD)


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When longing screams and madness drives... Captain Panda are usually not far away. They float around in German-speaking waters, somewhere between punk and (of course extremely hard) pop. Musically both catchy and rough, they always balance on the narrow edge between energy and melody. A spiky, red carpet for their protagonists, who stumble across their path en masse in their homeland, the picturesque Ruhr area.
Because lyrically everything revolves around the subject of people - observing, descriptive, more diary than photo album. It's about leaving, losing and man's favorite hobby - at the end of a dead end, always running flat out against the wall. And that's exactly where KP are ready with the camera or paper and pen.
Incidentally, they have never been to Shanghai.

1. Schnapps
2. Clean up
3. Youth culture
4. Bielefeld
5. Ganøve Knausgard